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Патч грядёт!

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#1 Mazay the Zloy

Mazay the Zloy

    kk np tbh (irl), stfu thx

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Отправлено 17 Июнь 2010 - 07:48

Грядёт патч, сделающий даркфолл ещё более играбельным. Описание патча по-туземски.

Вкратце - у нубов будет больше хп и оно будет расти быстрее, слепилки понерфят, рарная руда будет выкапываться из обычных нод понемногу, с лошади будут бить не так больно.

#2 Matimeo



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Отправлено 07 Октябрь 2010 - 20:11

Вышел новый гиганский патч =)   на 6 гигобайт =))))   качаем смотрим =) рассказываем =)


#3 Matimeo



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Отправлено 23 Октябрь 2010 - 08:36


Our last activity report seems to have created some speculation which has led to some genuine confusion as to our goals for future generations of the game. I'll try to clarify a bit with as much as I can talk about right now:

All our resources are dedicated to the development and future of Darkfall1 (that's what I'll call it for the purposes of this post to avoid any confusion).
We're currently working on a major expansion to Darkfall1.
We haven't diverted resources to a Darkfall2 game.
Even if we had, it would take years to complete and we would not stop full development of Darkfall1
We have no plans of replacing Darkfall1 with a Darkfall2
If you asked us what's after Darkfall we'd include Darkfall2 in our answer because we think that Darkfall has a future, it's the logical progression of things and this is basically what I was referring to when I spoke at the HGDC.
I mentioned Darkfall2 at HGDC after I talked about all our current activities, and then closing I briefly mentioned what's in the future for Aventurine, long-term plans and thoughts. It was a brief mention, I didn't make an announcement, even though it was presented as such.
Our development works in such a way that all assets made today are reusable and upgradable for future generations of Darkfall, so yes we're keeping the future of Darkfall in mind while we work on this version of the game. It doesn't mean that we're working on a new game.
Expansion / Relaunch doesn't mean a server wipe but it may give fresh options to new and existing players.
I'll repeat that we're not going to wipe the servers in case that's still unclear.
This is as much we can talk about right now, we're not trying to be vague about our future plans. We're still working on putting it all together and we'll let you know as soon as we do through official announcements.
I apologize for any concern my statements about Darkfall2 and the next expansion may have caused.

Thanks for reading.

Что  за ДФ 1 и дФ2????

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