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Skill Masteries. Описание.

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Отправлено 09 Октябрь 2015 - 03:46

Чтоб постоянно не искать игрокам, я просто переброшу информацию с сайта на английском, чтоб она была тут.
И также дам краткое описание, что это и как едят. По сути данное новшество, что-то типа специализации. Которой вы можете достигнуть при наличии, сопутствующего скилла, а также при нахождении книги для данного скилла.
Вы можете использовать одну специализацию(до 3 уровня) для каждого чара. Какую - выбирать и решать Вам. Ну и конечно, их можно переключать с определенной задержкой, если в этом есть необходимость.
Для нахождения подобных книг будет специальный квест - Hawkinds quest. Как правило, заключается он в уничтожении определенного чампа.
Более подробная информация будет представлена позже.

Skill Masteries

This feature requires the Time of Legends expansion entitlement. This entitlement will be applied for free to all accounts active during August, September, and October 2015.

The skill mastery system has been expanded to include the following skills: Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, Spellweaving, Bushido, Chivalry, Ninjitsu, Fencing, Mace Fighting, Swordsmanship, Throwing, Parrying, Poisoning, Wrestling, Animal Taming, and Archery.
Players may obtain materials for testing masteries on TC1 by using the “Give Masteries” speech command near a banker.

Each skill mastery has 3 levels of proficiency and do not have a cumulative requirement (you don’t need to use volume 1 and volume 2 to use volume 3). Double click a volume to learn that mastery.

To switch skill mastery, access the context menu on the mastery book and select from the list of available masteries.
Each skill mastery provides 3 abilities, which can be passive or activated.
There is a 10 minute cooldown between switching masteries.

Death Ray – The mage focuses a death ray on their opponent which snares the mage to their location and does damage based on magery skill, evaluating intelligence skill, and mastery level as long as the mage has mana and the target is in range
Ethereal Blast – The mage restores a large amount of mana based on mastery level and can recast the ability more often based on magery skill, evaluating intelligence skill, and mastery level

Nether Blast – The mystic releases a wave of nether energy that pulses on attacked targets based on mastery level and does chaos damage based on mysticism skill, and focus or imbuing skill
Mystic Weapon – The mystic converts mysticism skill into an equipped weapon’s required skill for a penalty to mysticism skill based on mastery level

Command Undead – the necromancer has a chance to command the undead to do their bidding based on necromancy skill, spirit speak sill, mastery level, and creature barding difficulty while providing a life leech to the target.
Conduit – The necromancer creates a conduit field at a targeted location that causes all targeted necromancy spells to effect all valid targets within the field at reduced spell strength based on necromancy skill, spirit speak skill, and mastery level

Mana Shield – Toggle ability that results in a shield on the spellweaver that has a chance to deduct incoming damage from the spellweaver’s mana pool based on spellweaving skill, meditations kill, and mastery level
Summon Reaper – The spellweaver summons a stationary reaper for a duration based on spellweaving skill, and meditation skill. The strength of the summoned reaper is determined by the spellweaving skill, meditation skill, and mastery level
Spellweaving Masters will receive one bonus Arcane Focus per Spellweaving Mastery level. Arcane Focus still caps at 6 strength bonus. Spellweaving Masters are able to cast Arcane Circle alone but will not receive circle bonuses.
Enchanted Summoning – While the magery, necromancy, spellweaving, or mysticism masteries are active the magic user receives a buff to summoned creatures based on skill and mastery level.

Anticipate Hit – While the bushido mastery is active the samurai has a chance to reduce hit point regeneration instead of completely losing it when using confidence as well as increasing the amount of health and stamina returned when successfully parrying an attack.
Warcry – The samurai unleashes a warcry that will reduce incoming damage from targets within a radius based on the samurai’s bushido skill, best weapon skill, and mastery level

Rejuvenate – The paladin restores the hit points, stamina, and mana of a target based on mastery level, and with sufficient karma can remove poison and curses. The paladin may rejuvenate a target more often based on higher mastery level, higher best weapon skill, and higher Chivalry skill.
Holy Fist – The paladin unleashes a flying fist against a target that does energy damage based on the paladin’s chivalry skill, best weapon skill and mastery level. A bonus to damage is provided by high karma as well against undead targets.

Shadow – Toggle ability that while active will consume stamina and make the ninja more difficult to become unhidden from taking damage based on ninjitsu skill, stealth skill, and mastery level.
White Tiger Form – The ninja transforms into a white tiger, providing the ninja with a buff to defense chance increase, a chance to evade attacks based on mastery level, and an applied bleed attack on targets based on ninjitsu skill and best weapon skill.
Intuition – While the bushido, chivalry, or ninjitsu masteries are active the master’s maximum mana is increased based on mastery level.

Flaming Shot – The archer fires a volley of flaming arrows at a target or location. On successful hit fire damage based on mastery level is done to a number of targets in a radius based on the archery and tactics skill.
Playing the Odds – the archer’s party members rally for them with increased swing speed and hit chance as the archer’s range is decreased. Party member buffs are based on the archery and tactics skill of the archer along with the mastery level.

Thrust – Toggle ability that provides a swing speed increase buff based on mastery level to the fencer that consumes mana while active as well as a damage increase buff.
Pierce – The fencer executes a piercing move on their opponent causing a stamina debuff and stamina drain on the victim based on the fencer’s fencing and tactics skill, and mastery level.

Mace Fighting
Stagger – The mace fighter executes a staggering move on their opponent causing a swing speed increase debuff and massive damage to the victim based on mastery level.
Toughness – Toggle ability that provides the mace fighter with increased hit points based on the mace fighter’s tactics and mace fighting skill, and mastery level that consumes mana while active.

Onslaught – The swordsman executes an onslaught of attacks on their opponent reducing one of their victim’s resists based on the swordsman’s swordsmanship and tactics skill and the damage type of the weapon used for a duration based on mastery level
Focused Eye – Toggle ability that provides the swordsman with a hit chance increase buff based on the swordsman’s swordsmanship and tactics skill and mastery level that consumes stamina while active.

Elemental Fury – When activated the thrower will generate a pool of fury based on their weapon’s damage type. Each successful attack the thrower deals with add fury to the pool. Once the pool is full the thrower will unleash the Elemental Fury. The duration and fury pool size are based on the thrower’s mastery level, throwing, and tactics skill.
Called Shot – The thrower executes a called shot that provides a Hit Chance Increase and Damage increase based on the thrower’s throwing and tactics skill and mastery level.
Saving Throw
While the archery, fencing, mace fighting, swordsmanship, or throwing masteries are active the combatant receives a chance to block a disarm attempt based on weapon and tactics skill.

Shield Bash – When activated the shield user will execute a shield bash on successfully hitting or parrying their opponent causing physical damage and paralyzing their opponent based on parry skill, best weapon skill, and mastery level.
Body Guard – The shield user chooses a protectee to absorb a percentage of damage done to the protectee based on parry skill, best weapon skill, and mastery level.
Heighten Senses – Toggle ability that provides the Parrying Master with increased chance to parry based on parry skill, best weapon skill and mastery level that consumes mana while active

Tolerance – Toggle ability that grants the poisoner a reduction to poison level when poisoned at a stamina cost based on mastery level
Injected Strike – When activated the poisoner will apply a poison resistance debuff to their target for a duration based on poisoning skill, anatomy skill, and mastery level. Any poison applied to the poisoner’s weapon will also be applied to the target. Poison may be applied to any weapon using this ability, however the poison applied to non-infecting weapons may only be applied by use of this ability.
Potency – While the poisoning mastery is active, the poisoner has a chance to not consume poison charges when using infected strike based on poisoning skill, anatomy skill, and mastery level.

Rampage – The wrestler attempts to continually hit their opponent where with each successful hit the wrestler receives a bonus to hit point regeneration, stamina regeneration, and swing speed increase based on mastery level. The effect is lost if the wrester misses or the wrestler’s opponent parry’s the attack.
Fists of Fury – The wrestler attempts to land three hits in rapid succession. If successful the third hit will deal direct damage based on the wrestler’s mastery level.
Knockout – While the wrestling mastery is active the wrestler receives a damage bonus to each hit based on mastery level.

Animal Taming
Whispering – The animal tamer attempts to guide their pet on the path of skill gain, increasing the pet’s skill gains based on the tamer’s animal taming skill, animal lore skill, and mastery level. This ability function similarly to a scroll of alacrity.
Combat Training – The animal tamer readies their pet for battle allowing the tamer to add combat abilities to their pet based on animal taming skill, animal lore skill, and mastery level.
Boarding – While the animal taming mastery is active the animal tamer receives additional stables slots
All tamers, regardless of mastery selection, receive two additional stable slots with the Time of Legends.

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Посмотрим, что выйдет из этой задумки))
Старожилы бэнкситтинга ворчат, что получим UO-WoW Изображение

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