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Отправлено 07 Январь 2001 - 14:31

You might be a newbie if:
You see an Illustrious Lord and ask how he got all those letters in his name box (11/6)
You think Sosaria has something to do with an apology (11/6)
You double click a poison potion thinking you can throw it at someone (11/6)
You think T2A has something to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger (10/30)
You run from ghosts (10/27)
Someone says "In Vas Mani" and you reply that you know some German, too (10/27)
You make a GM tailor char because someone told you you could make the GM robes (10/25)
You get stuck in a room with an EV and a rabbit, and the EV attacks the rabbit (10/20)
You keep searching the forest for "bugs" in the game (10/18)
You plan to meet someone in a dungeon to trade expensive items (10/16)
You keep looking for an "undo" button when you make a mistake (10/16)
You use the exact same name for your account name/char name/account pass./email address/nick name/etc... (10/14)
You pay 5k for a crystal ball because you thought it was a rare item (10/14)
You keep walking into gates that ghosts come out of (10/13)
You buy that really outdated hint manual for suggestions for your game play (10/13)
You say "balance" to the banker and he laughs at you (10/11)
You pay 10k for a black dye tub and dye it a different color (10/11)
You hope The Second Age will be in color (10/9)
Your friend tells you to call a GM for something and you ask "A GM in what?" (10/9)
You think a Game Master has something to do with hunting (10/5)
You see the auto rez/ghost screen more than the regular screen (10/5)
You've been killed by ImaNewbie (10/2)
You wonder why you couldn't start in Buc's Den (10/2)
You buy a house and wonder which one you get (10/2)
Cartography is your best money making skill (9/30)
When someone tells you he has 97 swords, you ask if you can buy some (9/30)
An Ettin has higher magery than you (9/28)
Putting on an orc helm doubles your armor rating (9/28)
You think the wrestling skill involves body slams (9/28)
You pay 2k for some black ore then use it to get your blacksmithing up (9/23)
You never get too far from the Britain west bank because that's where you store all your good stuff (9/23)
You report UOE bugs to GMs (9/19)
You insist on going into the bank to open your box (9/16)
You keep spelling "LOL" backwords (9/16)
You think provoking a giant spider will get you banned for bug exploitation (9/14)
You have 30+ ghost robes in your bank box (9/14)
You think a mule character is some kind of pet (9/8)
You page a GM to ask where you can download UOE (9/8)
You don't know how to change font/emote color (9/7)
You make a GM carpenter because someone told you you could build houses with one (9/2)
Your favorite weapon is a fishing pole (9/1)
You wonder why you can't lumberjack on a reaper (9/1)
You try casting spells by just typing words of power (8/19)
You can't beat an NPC peasant (8/19)
You think a client crash has something to do with airplanes (8/17)
You don't use training dummies because one killed you once (8/16)
Your intelligence goes in the negatives when you're drunk (8/16)
You ask where the advancement gates are on Atlantic (8/12)
You get mad when your favorite character on Test Center gets deleted (8/12)
You keep yourself full for fear of dying of starvation (8/9)
You get PKed then put on your backup set of plate and go back to negotiate with them (8/2)
YoUr NaMe Is In AlTeRnAtInG cApS (8/1)
Your CD is in the mail (8/1)
You wonder where the vendors that sell bank guards are (8/1)
Thieves actually give *you* things (7/28)
You don't know what your bank is for (7/28)
You have no idea what notoriety is (7/26)
You don't lose skills for insta-rezzing (7/26)
You keep asking how to make boards (7/23)
You have tons of arrows, but your crossbow still won't fire (7/23)
Your favorite feature of the game is insta-rezzing (7/22)
When rezzed, you appear naked because you are too weak to wear a ghost robe (7/21)
You complain to tech support that it takes too long to load UO because of the movie intro (7/21)
You keep searching for the "AllNames" button on your keyboard (7/17)
You've ever run from a mongbat, screaming for help (7/17)
When you lumberjack, it says "Thy blows are soft!" (7/16)
You have "Can you spare something for a newbie?" macroed (7/16)
You've ever tried to tame a polymorphed person (7/15)
You've ever paged a GM because you were PKed (7/15)
You're too weak to wear clothing (7/12)
Your idea of a quest is moongating from Jhelom to Magencia (7/10)
You've ever payed someone 10k for the land to put your house on (7/7)
You actually fall down when someone "pushes you out of the way" (7/2)
You think that guy with 10 NPCs following him is just really popular (7/2)
You don't have "I will take thee" macroed yet (7/2)
You keep asking people for a web site where you can find all the cheat codes (7/1)
Your most powerful weapon is a practice longsword (7/1)
You pay 10k for a "pre-patch silver bow" (6/30)
You think server boundaries will move you between shards (6/30)
You idolize Lord British (6/30)
You're confused when a guy tells you he's "AFK, but he'll BRB after he eats IRL" (6/27)
Even the GMs couldn't increase your stats (6/26)
Your highest skill is in the 20's (6/25)
You, like all other animals, are always grey with the new rep system (6/25)
You're the only player to ever have stats in the negative (6/2(3 or 4))(however u want to look at it)
Your highest skill is Animal Lore (6/22)
You item ID a non-magic dagger at over 700 gps (6/22)
Falling off the bank of Trinsic kills you (6/21)
You've ever died from drinking half a pitcher of ale (6/20)
You're too weak to play an instrument (6/19)
You've ever stolen something and called guards on yourself *** (6/18)
Your magic arrow spell isn't considered offensive(6/17)
Your resist is so low, it actually adds damage when you're hit with magic (6/17)
You've ever tried cooking meat on a fire elemental (6/16)
You've ever caught yourself on fire while lighting a torch (6/16)
You get mad because you can't ride your pack horse (6/16)
You can't tell the difference between a club and a torch (6/16)
You have 1 hitpoint and a lesser heal potion refills your life completely (6/15)
You have ever gotten fame from killing a bird (6/15)
You've ever failed at opening a door (6/15)
You're the only one refered to by the new rep system as "The Idiotic..." (6/14)
Your only form of transportation is walking (6/14)
People are constantly coming up to you and saying "Vendor Buy" or "Vendor Sell" (6/13)
You consider "ImaNewbie Does Brittannia" official UO docterine (6/13)
You actually have the title "GrandMaster Newbie" (6/13)
You can't tame a rabbit (6/13)
Your main source of income is fishing (6/8)
You've ever tried to steal from an NPC (6/8)
You keep wondering why you can't pick up that spellbook on display in the mage shop (6/8)
You answer someone who's yelling "I will take thee" with "where to?" (6/8)
You're just Dishonerable, but the guards still kill you on sight (6/8)
GM's ignore you... wait, they do that to everyone (6/8)
A weaken spell kills you (6/3)
You've ever killed youself with a needle while tailoring (6/3)
You think Cove is the New York of Britannia (6/3)
You aren't strong enough to equip a dagger (6/3)
You fail on casting a create food scroll (6/3)
Your screen looks like this because you don't know how to close windows (6/3)
You just paid someone 500 gps for a "magic" black pearl (6/3)
You think you've hit the big time when you can kill a bird (6/3)
NPC's actually laugh at you (6/3)
You've died because you fell while running down stairs (6/3)
You think "Corp Por" is just a friendly greeting (6/3)
Your dexterity is too low to run (6/3)
You get a good deal when you pay 200 gps for a summoned gorilla (6/3)
PKs don't bother you because they know they won't get anything (6/3)
You follow someone out of the protection because they're going to tell you how to get God mode (6/3)
You didn't know you could open the pack in your character window (6/3)
You keep getting picked on... by chickens (6/3)
You can't equip a spellbook (6/3)
NPC beggers actually give *YOU* money (6/3)
Vendors won't buy your wares because you drooled on them (6/3)
You're the only player that actually makes an odor when they fizzle on a spell (6/3)
You're never "perfectly rested" and couldn't push a snail out of the way (6/3)
You spent the first 3 weeks on the game figuring out how to walk (6/3)
You've had an in-depth conversation with an NPC(6/3)
You've ever misspelled "UO" (6/3)
You can't run up a flight of stairs w/o running out of stamina 3 times (6/3)

from zh.

#2 grieg



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Отправлено 08 Январь 2001 - 06:13

no do konca chitat len =-)

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